30 Python Interview Questions For Tech Interviews 2023

Below you can find some of the most important and frequently asked senior Python developer interview questions and answers. The 40 Python interview questions below contain basic to expert level interview questions asked by recruiters. Each question is accompanied by an answer so that you can prepare for developer job interviews in a short time. Python works great for data analysis especially for data mining, data processing and data visualization.

senior python developer interview questions

We can even use Docstring comments at run time as an interactive help manual. In Python, we have to specify docstring as the first statement of a code object, just after the def or dass statement. The docstring for a code object can be accessed from the ‘__doc__’ attribute of that object. https://wizardsdev.com/en/vacancy/senior-python-developer/ Its code is first interpreted by another program (interpreter) and then compiled into something called bytecode. Bytecode is made out of bytes that represent the machine’s instructions. CPython is the implementation of Python whose bytecode is in the C programming language.

Uses of SymPy: Writing Python Code Like a Mathematician

There are only a few modern programming languages supporting multiple inheritance and Python is one of them. So yes, it has the ability to derive a class from multiple base classes at the same time. However, a little bit of preparation goes a long way for both parties.

senior python developer interview questions

The ‘enumerate()’ function couples an iterable with its index. It simplifies loops where you need to access both elements and their corresponding positions. Python supports multiple inheritances, allowing a class to inherit attributes and methods from multiple parent classes. Polymorphism is a concept that refers to the ability of objects to take on multiple forms. In Python, it allows objects of different classes to be treated as if they belong to a common superclass. Decorators are the syntax constructs that modify functions in Python.

Senior Python developer interview questions

Guido van Rossum’s Python, initially released in 1991, has become one of the most popular programming languages, cherished by developers worldwide. In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, systems programming languages play a crucial role in building robust and efficient applications. Among the myriad of options available, Go and Rust have emerged as… A module is a file written in Python containing Python code with import statements, classes, functions etc. With modules functionality of applications can be divided into smaller parts to structure a program.

In Python, we use range(0,10) to create a list in memory for 10 numbers. Python provides another function xrange() that is similar to range() but xrange() returns a sequence of objects instead of a list of objects. In xrange() all the values are not stored in simultaneously in memory. The benefit of xrange() over range() is very minimal in regular scenarios.

What is a negative index in Python?

Generators in Python define iterator implementation by yielding expressions in a function. They don’t implement ‘iter’ and ‘next()’ methods, thereby reducing various overheads. If you’re a hiring manager or HR professional, you might want to think about approaching the 50 questions below from a few different angles. By this point in the interview, you should have already had opportunities to showcase your skill and knowledge as a Python programmer. This question is more about showing your ability as a critical thinker and someone who is capable of both acknowledging and learning from your errors. Try use simple analogies and stay away from technical jargon and concepts.

senior python developer interview questions

Send us your CV and we’ll match your skills with our top job while you get ready for your next Java interview. Help() function displays all the documentation and information about modules, attributes, and so on. Pass by reference is passing of the reference to the original.

Integer Caching Mechanism in Python

Lt can make use of the yield statement to return data during the function call. In this way we can write complex logic that works as an iterator. A generator is more compact than an iterator due to the fact that __iter__() and next() functions are automatically created in a generator. Also within a generator, local variables and execution state are saved between multiple calls.

This article will show you 10 Python interview questions for senior developers. They are not something like “how to write a loop in Python”. They are aiming to test the interviewee’s deep understanding of the Python internals.

What are decorators in Python?

Here are 50 of the most likely Python interview questions, along with some viable responses and relevant code snippets. Do note that, depending on your experience and the company involved, the questions and answers can differ. It’s also an open-source programming language, meaning anyone can download the source code for free, make changes, and distribute their own version.

  • Iterators are objects that allow iteration over elements, usually in collections like lists.
  • Pickling is the process of converting any Python object into a string representation.
  • Dictionary comprehension is a concise way to create dictionaries from iterable sources.
  • Apart from development jobs, Python developers are in huge demand for roles that involve data analysis, data manipulation, and data visualization.
  • This is a challenge that must be handled properly and writing scalable code is one way to make our service scalable.
  • Since some of the objects passed as reference are mutable, we can change those objects in a method.

Below you can find some concepts of writing scalable code for Python Core to include in your answer to this interview question. The slow overall performance of Python, its limited multiprocessing and threading capabilities are considered to be the major pitfalls of this programming language. NumPy uses less storage, is faster, and has many vector and matrix operations that eliminate the need for oftentimes unnecessary work.

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