What are Drawings in Accounting?

Content Debit Drawings for Partnerships What are Drawings in Accounting? Related Readings How Much Do Accountants Cost? Resources for Your Growing Business What Is a Drawing Account? This credit typically goes in another account – in most cases, the cash account. A leather manufacturer withdrew cash worth 5,000 from an official bank account for personal use. […]

FTE Meaning

Content How To Calculate FTE Gives insight into organizational costs Full Time Equivalent Chart: 40-Hour Work Week Employee Assumptions The 109,000 total hours worked must be divided by the total number of available work hours in a year, or 2,080 hours. Let our family at FTE Accounting take care of your family‚Äôs personal and business […]

Limited liability company Wikipedia

Content Protect Your Business With Nolo. Running an LLC from home Suspended LLCs That means that owners of an LLC are able to avoid double taxation. With double taxation, income gets taxed both at the corporate level and also when distributed as dividends to owners. With an LLC, income is only taxed at an individual […]

What is a Personal Accountant? 15 Things Personal Accountants Do

Content How to Know if You Should Hire a CPA or Accountant? Financial advisor vs accountant How confident are you in your long term financial plan? You’re planning for your kids to go to college Assisting in Tax Compliance and Optimization What is the approximate value of your cash savings and other investments? They record […]

Publication 504 2022, Divorced or Separated Individuals Internal Revenue Service

Content Choose your language Do all married couples have the option of filing jointly or separately? Quirks in State Law Can Trip You Up Publication 504 – Main Contents Tax Law Which Filing Status Will Save You Income Taxes? Nevertheless, most married people save on taxes by filing jointly, particularly where one spouse earns most […]

Capital Budgeting Definition, Methods, Formulas and Examples

As a result, payback analysis is not considered a true measure of how profitable a project is, but instead provides a rough estimate of how quickly an initial investment can be recouped. In contrast, spending on intangible federal investments appears as an expense in the period in which it occurs, rather than being amortized over […]

Accounts receivable aging report: Guide for 2023

As a small business owner, there’s nothing more disgruntling than not getting paid. Business owners use accounts receivable aging reports to determine which customers have invoices with outstanding balances. This collection tool makes it easy for businesses to identify late-paying customers and set invoice payment terms. In an aging schedule, accounts receivables are broken down […]

Convert Annual Interest Rates into Monthly, Quarterly & Daily Rates

If an investor were to put, say, $5 million into one of these investments, the wrong decision would cost more than $5,800 per year. Over the long run, compound interest can cost you more as a borrower (or earn you more as an investor). You can check with your bank on the compounding frequency of your […]