Share Your Story : Get Involved : Recovery Communities of North Carolina RCNC

Content How Sharing Your Story Benefits Others Dos and Don’ts When Sharing a Personal Recovery Story Submit to the NAMI Blog Do: Acknowledge Your Support System Don’t: Engage in “War Stories” Footer Social Medical Director, Board Certified in Addiction Medicine Your Emotions & Your Story FHE Health Can Help In detailing your pre-https://ecosoberhouse.com/ past, you […]

6 Ways to Deal with Peer Pressure in College

Content Reevaluating Your Friendships Tips for overcoming challenges at secondary school Talk to a Trusted Adult if They Feel Pressured Find positive influences More information and advice Maybe you got others excited about your new favorite book and now everyone’s reading it. When you’re faced with a choice, ask yourself what your reasons are for […]

phentermine and alcohol: Can You Drink Alcohol While Taking Phentermine?

Contents: Phentermine and Alcohol: A Dangerous Combination HT and alcohol abuse Symptoms of overdose may include the following: Risks for Obese Individuals Phentermine and Alcohol Abuse Cardiovascular Side Effects Even in low doses, this combination can be very dangerous to ingest while both substances are present within an individual. These are common adverse effects when […]

Understanding Drug Use and Addiction DrugFacts National Institute on Drug Abuse NIDA

This argument was particularly targeted to the public, policymakers and health care professionals, many of whom held that since addiction was a misery people brought upon themselves, it fell beyond the scope of medicine, and was neither amenable to treatment, nor warranted the use of taxpayer money. This work may inform the development of more […]

Sober October 2023: Mocktail recipes, non-alcoholic beer, wine to try

Content Addiction Treatment Programs How to cope with your alcohol triggers A summary of what to do to have fun without alcohol How to Deal with Someone Who Drinks? Addiction Destroys Dreams, We Can Help Instead, it’s an increasingly fuzzy outline of that person — usually more distracted and less compassionate, less intellectually agile. I […]

Individual Counseling For Alcohol

If you or a loved one is struggling with AUD, make an appointment with a primary care provider such as a medical doctor or nurse practitioner. People with severe AUD who have used alcohol long-term may experience severe withdrawal symptoms that require medical evaluation and treatment. A healthcare provider can evaluate the AUD severity and […]