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Creating Nightbot Chat Alerts & Using Them To Encourage Repeat Twitch Prime Subscriptions

how to add commands on twitch streamlabs

A pause action stops execution of the input command for the specified number of milliseconds. A mouse scroll wheel up action turns your scroll wheel up for the specified number of clicks over a duration. A mouse scroll wheel down action turns your scroll wheel down for the specified number of clicks over a duration. You can use the hotkeys to accept or cancel the coordinates used. By default the hotkey to accept the coordinates is F1 and to cancel F2.

how to add commands on twitch streamlabs

Where notice or consent is required for such processing, the organization will notify and obtain such consent from its respective personnel and authorized users. The Server Moderators are in charge of the community game servers and make sure that they run smoothly. Their role consists of keeping the server-side game updated, maintained, designing and implementing new server backend settings.

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It’s also one of the most popular bots across both Twitch and YouTube. Significant financial contributions (whilst remaining active in the channel at the same time). It is single-handedly the most powerful revenue-generating tool that I currently have at my disposal. how to add commands on twitch streamlabs I would recommend this bot to any serious content creator looking to create or expand their revenue generation capabilities. I only have good things to say about InstructBot. It has managed to bring a level of interactive chaos to my stream I didn’t think possible.

  • When you trigger a command you get a tick when it’s completed successfully.
  • The longer you stream, the more scenes and sources you will add to your OBS over time – it’s good practice to keep them clean and properly named so you don’t lose overview.
  • Actions are the sequence of items sent to the application.
  • When a timer is started it will show on stream, and it will be hidden when no timers are active.
  • Can you only use this with an Elgato Capture Card?

It would be unsatisfied if either the Left Shift key or the W key were pressed or nether the keys were pressed. There are several types of actions an input command can perform. The sound effects section controls what Play Sound commands, if any, are executed at the start and end of the command. An input command is used to send keyboard or mouse input to an application. At the panel, you can select user levels that are eligible to participate and win giveaways.


We host a number of unique events for fun times. All of this will encourage viewers to become community members. Twitter, Instagram and Discord are the back bone of the channel. We advertise ourselves on other platforms to help increase the community and channel size. Regardless of how much work you do for the channel your help and company is greatly appreciated.


But one advantage it has is many of the custom commands that other tools require you to create — it comes built-it to save you so much time. Anyone can use and access Streamlabs Bot and doing so grants you points for interacting with the channels and community. Allow viewers to press keys, mouse buttons or move your mouse on your computer as you play. Trying to be sneaky, allow them to ruin it as they make you shoot… No need to worry about tabbing out of your game and a command being executed against the wrong application, as commands can be configured to run only when the target application is active.

It’s good practice to regularly go through and ban any known twitch follow bot users and twitch hate raid accounts. You can often find these lists on twitter, in Twitch Facebook groups and how to add commands on twitch streamlabs on reddit. All of the commands can be customised to a certain degree giving you the ability to make the unit your own. So moving away from Streamlabs for a second, what else can you do?

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If you are unsure whether something needs to be completed, ask the streamer or the channel’s other Mods. It is possible that everything is already taken care of, which will make your role very simple. Unfortunately there are many bugs with the streaming software that only appear on the live broadcast. Its important that if there are any technical issues contact us on Discord. Chirp Scratch Tutorial About timeI did a chirp scratch tutorial. Chirps are a pretty versatile scratch, but you don’t often hear too many people talking about combos you can do with them.

How Do I Setup Nightbot on Twitch?

Actions are the sequence of items sent to the application. The start text command to run when the owning command starts executing. https://www.metadialog.com/ The start play sound command to run when the owner command starts executing. The queue section controls how the command is run.

how to add commands on twitch streamlabs

If the minimum and maximum duration are equal the key will be pressed for that amount, otherwise it will be pressed for a random amount between the two values. You can then enter the minimum and maximum duration in milliseconds for the key to be pressed. If you want to perform the key press for a time period check the for between checkbox.

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For example you might not want a command to run whilst you are pressing the Left Shift and W keys. In the above the Command is active when one or more of the selected profiles are active is toggled on and the Default is selected. This will cause the command to activate when the Default profile is linked to the active application. The first is having the Command is always active toggle button on.

  • Those are sections of headlines, inside which a set of commands resides.
  • Load up a completely new set of key functions if you’re video editing, music editing or teaching online.
  • Harmony products let you easily control and create activities or routines that combine commands from multiple devices.
  • The information you provide may be transferred or accessed by Logitech entities around the world as described in this policy.
  • Click on the little arrow in the bottom left option.

The user cooldown of a command limits how often a specific user can execute the command. When toggled on the command is public and can be downloaded by other users. If you wish to keep your commands private then toggle this off. This is shown within the user interface and chat when the command is triggered (if the notification is enabled). For an overview of what input commands are and how to create them please watch the below.


Click the OK button and you should see yourself in the preview. OBS should have already created your first scene for you, but it doesn’t have any sources yet! We are going to add the Overlay, Camera, and a PokerStars Table to start.

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Can a Twitch mod add a bot?

Can Twitch Mods Add Bots? While Twitch mods can't add a bot, you can give them access to them as an editor where they can add or change commands to help your stream run smoothly.

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