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The process of hiring an Android developer may differ significantly from hiring an iOS developer due to several factors. When searching for an Android developer, one skill is not necessarily more desirable than another. Skill relevancy varies from project to project and each can individually enhance how to hire android developer an Android developer’s portfolio. Our developer communicates with me every day, and is a very powerful coder. The developers I was paired with were incredible — smart, driven, and responsive. Our clients frequently pair these additional services with our freelance Android Developers.

  • You can work with Mobindustry according to an outsourcing or outstaffing model or with a time and materials or fixed price model.
  • It has everything developers need – Java Development Kit, Java Runtime Environment, and Integrated Development Environment.
  • It is not yet a mandate, and developers can choose whether or not to utilise Material Design principles.
  • And then, you will be prepared to describe the same to your app developer and other partners.
  • Uplers is rigorously vetted to help you hire Android developers from India.
  • Unlike iOS, which works only on Apple devices, Android is the operating system for almost 24,000 different devices.

You will need to share these details with the developers you hire so that only eligible candidates apply. Android apps have become the top priority for businesses looking to offer a great mobile experience to their audience. The number of applications on the Google Play Store is constantly increasing, with more than 2.8 million apps already in the store.

Steps and Process of Hiring an Dedicated Android Developer?

Let’s sum up the pros and cons of hiring a freelance Android developer. If you don’t have an IT department, it will be a challenge to attract and retain an Android developer. Now that we’ve determined the must-have skills of an Android developer, let’s find out how to check whether a candidate has them.

how to hire android developer

They’re able to work on complex projects, but only if paired with more experienced developers. Junior Android developers have up to three years of development experience. They’re comfortable with languages including Java, Kotlin, and Dart and can develop simple applications.

Why You Choose Us?

Using standard UI patterns is advantageous since it will appear similar to many applications that your average user is already familiar with. Plus, implementing a standardised UI should be simple and quick owing to the excellent tools provided by Google. Its’ an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that works with a variety of Android SDKs, and is mandatory to creating any android application.

Choosing Europe and Ukraine, in particular, reduces hourly development rates to $100 or even lower numbers. If you’re interested in learning the best techniques for hiring an Android app developer, jump right in. This article explains how not to waste 100+ hours hiring an Android developer.

How to Conduct Android Developer Job Interview

The best place for a job ad depends on your hiring strategy, which we’ll discuss later. An Android developer should be proficient in programming languages such as Kotlin and Java. They are essential for designing visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces, offering seamless user experiences. Online retail companies worldwide require Android developers to create and maintain mobile shopping apps, as e-commerce continues to grow. Discover how iMocha can help you hire high-performing candidates while maintaining the organizational skills bar.

how to hire android developer

A highly customized and graphics-intensive mobile app for iOS and Android apps will take anywhere around 6 to 12 months. While communication is not the first thing you should look at, it is not essential to neglect this aspect. If your technology partner doesn’t understand your requirements, they won’t produce anything similar to your needs. Spend estimation is necessary as it helps you determine how much you need to invest in app development and what more is required from your end for its growth.

Hiring Secrets

The work will also deliver innovative secondary features that distinguish the communication experience. It’s not only about coding if you want to create your software to the last detail. You’ll need to employ someone to do business research, a designer to create the app’s UI/UX, and perhaps even a QA tester to test the code and fix any flaws. You might want your app to include all of the functionality in the world, but that isn’t a practical approach. We are a trusted global leader that provides you with new-age product development and next-level app experience.

how to hire android developer

After reviewing their credentials and conducting interviews, a reputable mobile app development service provider will give you the choice of employing a developer or a dedicated team. For the best interactive user experience, our pre-vetted Android app developers ensure delivering high-quality and compatible apps by following the best Android app guidelines. This is a critical check since Android app developers must be able to identify flaws before releasing new versions of their products. If they don’t, they may deliver a flawed product to end-users, who may complain or leave unfavourable reviews on Google Play. So you should pay close attention to the initial build your candidate delivers you, thoroughly test it, and establish if faults are easily reproduced.

How to hire Indian Android Developers through Uplers?

The price of your Android app is greatly influenced by its complexity, quantity of features, and design, but it is rarely influenced by the programming language you use. At DOIT Software, we’re combining the latest technologies and ideas to build top-notch software products from square one. Contact us, and we’ll do whatever it takes to help you build an app solution for your business from scratch. While outsourcing app development service to DOIT Software, you can hire a full development team (with a PM) or add more developers to your existing in-house team. We’re never short of Android developers, designers, QA engineers, and PMs.

how to hire android developer

It’s a type of design tailored to mobile devices, particularly small ones. Furthermore, Google gives numerous icons for free, and there are usually enough icons to fulfil the majority of your demands. Google also offers tutorials and free resources, such as material colour palettes. So, dealing with API is one of the most important talents for an Android developer.

Sample job description for an Android app developer

Now that you have a full-fledged guide to assist you with all sorts of problems along the way, you’re ready to start the search for your perfect Android app developers. Though there are many app developers available, finding and retaining a quality one is a difficult undertaking. If you haven’t decided on your hire yet, contact us – our skilled specialists will help you find the right solution no matter the challenge. Before deciding on a tech stack for Android app development, you should understand what the app’s features are, what further features will be added in the near future, and so on. You must also decide whether you require a native app or a cross-platform app solution.

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